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Karnorr is proud to uphold its workplace standards to those required by the 'Goodweave'
incentive, and thus advocates for a child labour free and ethically responsible work environ-
ment. GoodWeave is the new name for the certification program and organization formerly
known as RugMark. The GoodWeave label, publicly introduced in September 2009, is your
best assurance that only adult artisans—not children—made your beautiful rug.

GoodWeave offers the only independent, child-labor-free product certification in the hand-
made carpet industry. While other rug labeling programs make important contributions to
weaving communities, GoodWeave is the only organization that conducts ongoing,
unannounced inspections of the looms on which the rugs it certifies are made.

GoodWeave believes that ongoing, random surprise inspections are a necessary enforcement mechanism to ensure that no children are forced to work – a component that is lacking in many certification systems. Furthermore, while certification programs like fair trade ban child labor in their standards, the GoodWeave program is the only one offering remediation in the form of rescue, rehabilitation and education for any child being exploited on a loom. GoodWeave works holistically to address child labor through a variety of community initiatives.

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